Immigration, adapting as an Expat, and Culture Shock 2021

Immigration, adapting as an Expat, and Culture Shock 2021


  • There are no requirements for you taking this course, it is open and beneficial to anyone who wants to learn more about cross-cultural life


By the end of this course you (and your kids) will be globally savvy individuals, able to adapt easier to ANY culture and handle culture shock with great insight, be an exceptional cross-cultural team member, cross-cultural communicator and cross-cultural relationship builder.

The honeymoon phase of immigration and expat life is soon over (I know you don’t believe me just yet), and we end up having to deal with depression, loneliness, isolation, homesickness, locals saying you should go back to your own country if you are so sad to be here, identity crises when having to adapt to local social values that contradict your own, struggling with eventually developing an “in-between” culture that doesn’t fit totally into your home country, nor fully into your host country (which can be especially hard for kids), etc. 

The locals handle authority differently, as well as communication, decision making, relationship building, punctuality and have a very different sense of humor.

Regardless of which culture or country you are from, and which country or culture you are moving to, this course will help you understand the host culture better, have more insight in how to communicate effectively in the host culture, and be more realistic about culture shock and prepare yourself for the emotional toll it will have on you and your family for quite a while until you have adapted abroad.  Adapting into a new culture takes 18 – 24 months if it goes well. 

Make sure you fall into this category and prepare yourself and your family adequately for it.  If you do it right, it will be the richest experience your family has ever gone through!

This course will help you gain better understanding of the following:

  • How do I successfully build a good understanding of Global Cross-Cultural Communication?
  • What are the different mainstream cultures, and what are the foundations of these cultures?
  • What are the phases I will go through when I decide to move abroad and set up home in a host culture?
  • What is culture shock, what should I expect when adapting abroad, and how can I make it easier on my family.
  • Third-Culture Kids – how are our kids affected when we move abroad, and how can we help them adapt well and cope with their losses of what they have had to leave behind?
  • What are the best ways to learn a foreign language?
  • Lots of practical examples based on real lived experience.

    This course is packed with tips and crucial information for adapting well, from the moment you decide to move, to the moment you have successfully integrated into the host culture.

    Apart from all the logistics of moving abroad, this will be the best tool you can get to prepare your for your family’s move abroad.  Already moved?  This course will still be immensely beneficial to you as you learn that you have not been losing your mind, but rather have been responding in normal ways to a big change in your life and lots of uncertainty and adapting.

    The creator & lecturer of this course, Sunet Gopaul, has lived in all three mainstream cultures longer term, and currently lives in a multi-cultural country, South Africa, which has 11 official languages and cultures that differ greatly from each other. 

  • She has been involved with cross-cultural work since 2005, and have, herself, learnt a foreign language in a host culture as an adult.  She has been working in global, cross-cultural situations ever since, and will soon be moving to Australia.

    If you have any questions for her, please do send her a message from your profile once you’ve purchased her course and she’d be happy to respond.

Who this course is for:

  • Those considering immigrating to a different country
  • Those who have made the decision to move to a different country and gotten the visa application process started
  • Those who have moved abroad fairly recently, and now find themselves struggling to adapt, integrate, and cope emotionally
  • Those who receive expats, so they will have insight into the journey of the expat and provide better support to them as they adapt

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