Improve Your English Through Rewriting!

Improve Your English Through Rewriting!


  • some knowledge of English, a dictionary, and a notebook


You learn writing by doing it, whether you are a native speaker of English or a student learning English as a second language. That is the only way. That is why the only best way to teach writing is by showing, not explaining, how to do it. This course is designed to help students of English to improve their language skills through writing and rewriting practices. If you find it hard to put your ideas in writing, especially in a language that is not your mother tongue, you will find it very helpful.

You will learn how you can read and analyse ideas of other people expressed in sentence or paragraph form, how you can choose the “information” you can use to rewrite or summarize those ideas in your own words. Also, there will be a section where you can learn how to analyse a text, any text, and create your own paragraph to convey your own understanding of it. The lesson videos are short and easy to follow. They aim to add to your vocabulary and to get you use English more comfortably and without getting too much involved in or worried about too many grammar rules. You will find a task at the end of each video as well. Hope you both enjoy and benefit from this course. Thank you.

Who this course is for:

  • students of English


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