Integrating Parse into an Android Chat app template

Integrating Parse into an Android Chat app template


  • Download the attached Android Chatt app template (free)
  • Eclipse ADT from Google (download free)


Welcome to the MyAppTemplates complete guide to setting up a Parse backend and integrating it into an Android Chat app template, similar to What’s App or Viber.

This is a short 7 lesson overview course, for beginner-intermediate developers with some experience with Java programming and Eclipse IDE.

Each lesson is between 5-15 minutes long, starting with an overview of Parse and the existing code on the Android Chat template provided. It’s not a ‘start-from-scratch’ course, it is for people who have an app template already (we provide a free one!) and who would like to add a simple backend API to it.

In the course we’ll be setting up a free Parse account, creating the backend classes for our Chat app in Parse, and then integrating the Parse API into our Android Eclipse app template.

It’s 7 short lessons, and at the end you should have a simple Android Chat app up and running.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner-Intermediate developers (Java development experience suggested)


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