Interior Design Styles, Colors and Materials by Planner 5D

Interior Design Styles, Colors and Materials by Planner 5D


  • No interior design experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know


Hi! My name is Evelina Podvorska.

I am a professional Interior Designer with a higher level education and over 5 years of work experience specializing in residential home design. I work at Planner 5D. It’s an advanced and easy-to-use 2D/3D home design tool.

This course will discuss:

  1. The most common mistakes when applying an interior style, as well as tips on how to introduce more than one interior style in a space.
  2. Why it is important to choose colors and materials properly.
  3. How colors can affect peoples’ minds.
  4. What features to consider when choosing finish materials.

We will discuss the most popular interior design styles:

  • Modern;
  • Minimalist;
  • Scandinavian;
  • Classical and neoclassical;
  • Country;
  • Industrial and LOFT;
  • Nautical;
  • Eclectic.

You will also learn about methods of combining them and put different styles together to create a harmonious interior design.

Each video lasts for about 5 minutes. Taking the course would be helpful for:

  • Amateur designers;
  • Beginner designers who have recently found an interest in interior design style or have recently started studying interior design;
  • Anyone wanting to improve their current home or to design their dream home. You can implement your theoretical knowledge into practice in Planner 5D.

To start the course you don’t need any equipment. Join my course!

Who this course is for:

  • Amateur designers
  • Junior Interior Designers
  • People without Interior Design education

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