Introduction to SOLID Principles

Introduction to SOLID Principles


  • NO Knowledge of SOLID Principles, Design Patterns and Refactoring technique is required
  • Knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming is good to have
  • C#.Net, ASP .NET MVC, and SQL Server


This course starts from the ground up. It starts with a ground-up and talks about the SOLID principles.

The course then picks up the pace and introduces an ASP.NET MVC Application written with the intention of demonstrating the capabilities of the Entity Framework.

Refactoring is making small changes to the application without affecting the observable behavior of the application and at the same time improving the design of the application.

Why Refactoring?

A lot of developers complain that they are familiar with most or all of the techniques of refactoring. They have knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming and Design Patterns as well. But when they work on their projects they hit a roadblock. After some point, it gets very difficult to write clean code. Code that is flexible, extensible, and at the same time is easy to understand, change, and maintain. In complex business applications, it is extremely difficult for most to apply these rules.

When the applications are older and they are supposed to port it to newer platforms it gets more challenging.

This course takes a practical approach. In an existing application that is significantly complex, the course adds test cases which becomes the safety net. The application is then refactored using the SOLID principles and other design patterns which improves the design of the application.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers and Architects who are working on complex application and are curious to improve application flexibility
  • This course is for everyone curios to write enterprise grade state-of-the-art server side applications
  • Taking this course will prepare you to write microservices and cloud native applications


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