Investing in Stocks & Shares

Investing in Stocks & Shares


  • No specific software or prerequisites apply to this course other than a curious disposition and commitment to learn more about how investing in the stock market can transform your wealth and help you to achieve your financial objectives.


Many people never benefit from the wealth transforming possibilities of consistently investing in the stock market, and consequently put their money into savings accounts that may pay very little. Often this is because people think that buying shares is too risky, too complicated or that you need a lot of money to get started.

This short course reveals how none of those things are true, and provides insights into how you can transform your wealth in your lifetime by following some easy, simple steps. The author of the book ‘Making Money from Stocks & Shares’ provides a series of simple to follow short video clips and presentations that reveal how you can take advantage of investing in the stock market in the way that some of the world’s wealthiest investors do. No previous knowledge is needed and no materials are required in advance. The course avoids any academic jargon and explains and accessible and easy language how to increase your wealth through investing in shares through a series of short mini-lecture presentations. Each one only takes a few minutes to watch and is flexible to fit busy lifestyles.

The course will cover key core principles of how to approach investing to maximise your chances of success. The course covers getting started, why behaviour matters, how to find investments worth making and how only a few things really matter when looking to increase your wealth from consistent investing in the stock market.

By the end of the short course you will learn how to use your behaviour to your advantage when investing, how to get more than you pay for and how to transform your wealth over time.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is aimed at those who have little or no experience in investing in the stock market and so no previous knowledge is needed. In fact in the world of investing there are no experts so you will be in good company. This course is not aimed at anyone seeking an in depth understanding of a particular investing methodology but rather provides useful insights into the core principles of how to transform your wealth through investing in shares.


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