Investing in the Stock Market (beginners)

Investing in the Stock Market (beginners)


  • No experience needed at all!


What do you do with $1000? Save it in a bank account and earn small portions? Give it to a money manager to earn more profit? What about investing in the market to make a large return? Of all three, the last option may profit you the most. But how does investing work? how do I buy and trade a stock? And how can I do it if I’m not financially inclined?

This course is designed to give a short, basic instruction for young learners on the stock market. Firstly, we’ll cover the basic questions: what is a stock? What is the stock market? Then, we’ll talk on how traders make money from investment. Other topics include how to use trading apps like robin hood and e-trade, make different types of investments (ETFs, mutual funds, etc.), and common myths in investing. Towards the end, we’ll look at WHY people invest in the first place (I.e social impact, philanthropy). Later in the course, we may also go over how to research/screen companies.

In sum, students should have some idea of how to look at a company and purchase them. They should understand the inner workings of the market. Lastly, they should be able to start on their own either with a trading simulator or an actually trading app (with permission)

Important Disclaimer: this course does not recommend or encourage any positions on stocks. This is purely for educational purposes.

Keywords: Stocks, Dividends, Initial Price Offerings, diversification, risk,  Mutual Fund, ETFs, S&P 500;

Who this course is for:

  • Young adults looking for a friendly foray into stock market investing
  • Young learners interested in investing (under parental supervision)


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