Jazz Album Appreciation with Dosta – Top 10 Jazz Albums

Jazz Album Appreciation with Dosta – Top 10 Jazz Albums


  • No previous skill required, however, a basic understanding and appreciation of Jazz is recommended


The great American tradition of Jazz music is a cultural phenomenon like no other

Perhaps no other style encompasses so much and balances so well between technicality and conceptual approach

Jazz appreciation opens up so much more than just a greater experience of the music, it also expands our understanding of consciousness and creative living

Learn how tradition relates to innovation

Learn how industry forces relate to creative endeavor

Learn the essence that is behind the sound of music 

Learn the qualities of consciousness that music brings and why is critical for our own transcendence, as evolving human beings, to discover these qualities again

Creative concept is at the heart of any prominent jazz album, and by reviewing these albums we discuss the workings of higher understanding

Learn how concept drives newness of ideas

Learn how higher understanding opens a deeper awareness of experience

Learn what is beyond the mind, and how music puts one in touch with the ‘soul’

Learn how the impression music makes is directly related to the quality of consciousness that resides within you

Appreciate Jazz at it’s finest hour, in it’s highest form, at the peak of spiritual expression

Music is life!

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Who this course is for:

  • Jazz Students
  • Music Students
  • Cultural Connoisseurs
  • Music Appreciation enthusiasts


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