Job Cost QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Desktop–Contractor

Job Cost QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Desktop–Contractor
  • QuickBooks Desktop would be good
  • QuickBooks Online generally has a free 30 trial (great tool for this course)


This QuickBooks Job Costing course will provide the resources for learners to develop a solid understanding of job costing concepts and the tools QuickBooks provides to create an effective job costing system.

We will provide backup files for the desktop version so learners can jump forward in the practice problem or rework any component of the problem. The use of backup files is not a requirement of the course, however.

The course will start out by reviewing our objectives for a job costing system. We will get an understanding of the special needs related to job costing. Then we will discuss the tools QuickBooks software has to achieve those objectives.

We will learn how to create and use two-sided, or double-sided, items in our QuickBooks job costing system, a critical component to understand.

Learners will understand how to generate, analyze, and export to Excel job costing reports and financial statements.

Who this course is for:

  • Accountants
  • Business owners
  • Anybody who want to learn job costing in a practical way using popular software



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