Kundalini Breathwork & Meditation

Kundalini Breathwork & Meditation
Learn 14 essential Kundalini Breathwork and Meditation practices.


Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is a practice designed to deepen self awareness, awaken energy and regenerate ourselves through sound, breath, focus and posture.

This series will take you through 14 breathwork and meditation practices to help you cultivate a daily practice. You will learn what each of the practices does for our emotional and energetic state and be able to choose a practice that suits your needs on a particular day or in a specific moment. Whilst practicing you will also learn about the science of the breath and the physical benefits of a breathwork practice.

In this course, we takes a simple and straightforward approach to the practice of kundalini yoga and meditation. The focus of this series is on using power of the breath and the deep focus of meditation as transformational tools for for self development.

This course is designed to take you into altered states of consciousness and deep meditation using short practices that are all under 25 minutes. In this way you start to develop or deepen your meditation practice and can build on this. A great way to end the course is to choosing a practice to commit to for 40 days and measure the effects yourself.  Journalling is a helpful way to track the process and help you integrate.

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