Lash Extensions Training Classic & Volume

Lash Extensions Training Classic & Volume


  • Beauty Proffesional


This training is designed to build and teach the foundation & application of lash extensions . You will learn basic & advanced lash extension training. Includes the THEORY OF LASH EXTENSIONS,THEORY OF NATURAL LASHES, LASH TYPES & CURLS, LASH & Eye Diseases, CONTRAINDICATIONS, POLICIES, SANITATION, MARKETING & more of my favorite tips & tricks. You will see live demos as well as animated demos. Be sure to pause the video to capture screenshots & take notes . Listen Babe,BEAUTY is MAINTENANCE. Self-love should be a priority and investment. Look good, feel ever better. Which is why we invite you to come get beauty rest & allow us to do the rest. Invest in YOU as the luxury.

How are you going to show up as the best version of you when you aren’t even watering YOU? It’s okay to be high maintenance, spoil you.Wishing you the best of luck on your journey, always remeber your why. things can be achieved as long as you dedicate time to put in the work. No half doing , but passion doing. Don’t compare your brand / advancement/ success to others. You are creme de la creme, make your business as unqiue as you. You’ve taken the first step by just investing in you, never let up. Fairytale dreams DO come true. Cheers to us breaking generational curses, the families first millionaires —The Princess CEO

Who this course is for:

  • Beauty professionals intrested in beginning lash extensions services or refreshing knowledge.


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