Learn Chinese Home Cooking Fundamentals in 6 Tasty recipes

Learn Chinese Home Cooking Fundamentals in 6 Tasty recipes


  • Curious about Chinese food or interested in expanding your cooking territory.
  • Have access to basic cooking equipment (Only needed when you start cooking).
  • Have access to the 5 key Chinese sauces mentioned in the preview course lecture. (Only needed when you start cooking).


Chinese cooking is not as complicated as you might think.


  • If you are intimidated by the racks of foreign sauces and ingredients,
  • If you think you don’t have the “special” Chinese cooking equipment to start,
  • If you’re worried that Chinese cooking is just too complex and is for professionals only,

Then throw away those concerns, and join this course!


In this course, I’ll address your concerns by:

  • Learning and applying the 5 key Chinese sauces. Yes, only 5.
  • Using main ingredients that are vastly available in supermarkets and local markets.
  • Cooking with common cooking equipment: chef’s knives (no cleaver), a frying pan and a stew pot, and household stove.
  • Structuring the course lectures like a staircase, progressing from easy to advanced level.

After this course, you will be able to cook authentic Chinese dishes at home.

More specifically, you will:

  • Master 6 hand-picked recipes that you can cook with common cooking equipment.
  • Learn & apply the 5 sauces that create most of Chinese flavours.
  • Tailor & vary each recipe to your own preference by adapting the ingredients.
  • Familiarise with the key Chinese cooking techniques (scalding, stir frying, steaming, stewing)
  • Equipped with some nice transferrable Chinese cooking tips & tricks


The course is structured as below:

  1. Introduction to the 5 key Chinese sauces
  2. Recipe 1: Scaled lettuce with garlic
  3. Recipe 2: Quick & easy Tomato egg soup
  4. Recipe 3: Yang Zhou fried rice
  5. Recipe 4: Steamed chicken with shiitake
  6. Recipe 5: Stir fry pork belly with eggplant
  7. Recipe 6: Beef stew with radish
  8. Next steps to continued learning & practicing Chinese cooking

You will get these resources as well:

  • 6 downloadable recipes PDFs:

    The recipe PDFs are step by step with picture examples. You can use the them during cooking, and/or share them with your friends.

  • 6 downloadable lecture key takeaways PDFs:

    You can recap on the key cooking tips, and learn about possible adaptions to create your own recipes.


This course also comes with Udemy’s 30-day full-money-back guarantee.

So, why not give this course a try?

Enroll now, and let’s have some cooking fun!

Who this course is for:

  • For those who are curious about Chinese food
  • For those who want to expand your cooking repertoire
  • For those who want to develop a new hobby
  • For those who crave for tasty food at home


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