Learn digital sketching on manga & anime from a professional

Learn digital sketching on manga & anime from a professional


  • Pencil and Paper
  • iPad or Tablet


If you want to sketch, paint, and illustrate on your iPad, Procreate is the perfect app for you!

And, if you want to learn how to use Procreate for your own digital artthis is the perfect course for you!

This complete Procreate course will teach you how to use powerful tools and features so that you can bring your imaginations to life. With easy-to-follow tutorials and real-world examples, you’ll enjoy learning while taking action.


  • Getting started with Procreate
  • Be confident using the canvas
  • Using basic tools & brushes
  • Adding shading with brushes
  • Working with layers
  • Adjusting colors
  • Creating videos and time-lapses of your artwork
  • Importing and creating your own brushes

Why Procreate?

The best drawing app for the iPad in Procreate. procreate has been listed in the iPad’s top-selling apps month after month and for good reason. It rivals many desktops apps for power and features. In this class, we tackle Procreate to start drawing on the iPad.

Who is this for:

  • People who want to learn to draw but don’t know where to start
  • Illustrators looking to learn everything about Procreate
  • People who love drawing and sketching and want to start doing it digitally.

Surely many of you have wanted to draw something before but were desperate because of the oversupply of such courses.

Therefore I would like to show you, as a professional manga artist from Japan with series experience, how to create authentic manga in a simple and easy way.

I was also very bad at the beginning, but with effort and learning, I was able to become what I am now. I would like to briefly summarise what I have learned so that you can start effectively and quickly.

We start here with the most important element of character creation, the face.

All you need is a pen and watercolor. And a little bit of motivation.

Let’s start together!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner of Drawings, who would like to draw manga characters and environment.


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