Learn filmmaking and photography in Hindi (हिंदी में सीखिए )

Learn filmmaking and photography in Hindi (हिंदी में सीखिए )


  • Should have a smartphone


This photography and filmmaking course is in the Hindi language. The purpose of this course is to reach out to individuals who want to learn photography and cinematography skills but find it difficult to learn because of the language barrier. This course also designed to teach mobile phone photography and videography along with professional camera photography and cinematography. This is the right place to begin learning basic photography and filmmaking. The primary goal of this course is to teach the skills and techniques involved in photography and filmmaking. The entire course is made up of three-four minutes, small duration videos. The total number of videos available for this course is fourteen including an introduction video. In this course, we teach our students from very basics to advanced skills used in photography and filmmaking.

If this course has basic teaching of how to handle and purchase a useful camera for photography and filmmaking, It also teaches an individual more advanced skills of framing and composition in the field of professional photography and cinematography. We have extensively covered the seven rules of framing and compositions used in professional photography and cinematography. This course provides extensive information on the Rule of the thirds, Rule of the odds, Symettery, Negative space, etc. in a very simple format.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who prefer Hindi language over English and are biginners.


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