Learn Historical African Martial Arts

Learn Historical African Martial Arts


  • No prior experience needed. Anyone with a training sword or stick can participate.


Spencer and Kyle break down various African weapons to help demonstrate this exciting martial art. This class focuses on training techniques and tricks that can be practiced at home! As the HAMAA Outreach Officer, Spencer has spearheaded this course to help showcase the fun and exciting nature of this martial art.
Spencer is a world renowned sword instructor and a national armored combat champion.
Kyle is a travelling martial artist with over 20 years of experience ranging from armored combat to muay thai kickboxing.
The course is split into 6 parts. During the brief introduction we will explore African history and influences to the modern HAMA environment. We will explore the spear as single handed and double handed tool, and help teach some interesting tricks to the more experienced practitioners. The Shotel and khopesh will be explored with shield and without, allowing the student to understand both pieces. Additional striking techniques will be explored to help round out striking options. Footwork will be reviewed through proper drills, step exercises, and examples for all student goals.
When this course is complete, we expect our students to have a greater comfort with their African weapons. Comfort always stems from safety, and that is our primary goal. The drills can be reviewed anywhere, and if you are interested in further instruction, please check out our bonus video and attached course materials to continue your HAMA journey.

Who this course is for:

  • Martial artists of any experience level, and people with an interest in learning about African martial arts


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