Learn how to make an arkanoid game in the unity engine.

Learn how to make an arkanoid game in the unity engine.


  • No programming experience needed as you will learn everything there is to know about making video games using the unity game engine, a versatile game engine that is used by many games companys around the world.


My name is nigel and i would like to point out that I have over 10 years game design experience using the unity game engine, i also draw my own art work using a free art program called gimp.

In this ultimate video game design course you will learn how to make a video game just like arkanoid, i will teach you from the ground and up, you will learn how to join animations together, also you will learn the particle system of unity so that you can make special effects for your game, also you will learn a versatile language called c#, i will teach you coding from the basics to intermediate level, you will learn how to add sound effects and music to the game and learn how to cut up a sprite sheet so that you can add your art work to the game scene window, you will also learn how to join scenes together which then create a working video game and also you will learn how to use the unity game engine and many of its features.

In this course you will learn how to be a game designer and then you can put your skill to making many other games, this course is designed for beginners to intermediate level and there no knowledge is needed in c# coding as i will teach you how to code this game.

To take part in this course all you need is the will to want to learn video game design and also have a pc thats all you need for my course.

So if this all sounds good to you then i look forward to you joining my course and we will together make this awsome video game based on a well known game called arkanoid.


Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn video game design.


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