Learn HTML, CSS and Bootstrap: 3 Courses in 1

Learn HTML, CSS and Bootstrap: 3 Courses in 1


  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Internet Access


Learn HTML, CSS and Bootstrap: 3 Courses in 1
Learn HTML & CSS Basics and Create Complete Websites using Bootstrap

“This course is only for a student at the beginner level, and who needs to learn the basics of creating static responsive websites.”

Course Language:

Course prerequisites:

  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Internet Access
  • Willing to learn

In this course student will:

  • Learn HTML basics
  • Download, Install and Use Visual Studio Code as the Text Editor for creating HTML & CSS files
  • Write HTML code examples
  • Take HTML & CSS exercises
  • Gain knowledge about many HTML elements and Learn how to use them correctly
  • Validate HTML files using W3C Markup Validation Service
  • Learn Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Basics.
  • Learn the different types of CSS Selectors.
  • Learn the different ways of adding CSS to HTML documents.
  • Understand the Bootstrap Layout and Components.
  • Learn how to use Bootstrap to create beautiful websites.
  • Learn how to make a responsive website.

Each practical video comes with a zip file that contains source code so make sure you are doing things right and there are no differences between your source code and the source code among the resources.

I am available for your questions – send me a direct message anytime.

I hope you find this course valuable, interesting, and useful.
I hope you enjoy the course and that it helps you in your professional development!

Best Regards.
Instructor: Ahmed Magdy

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners


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