Learn Indian Voice Music from the scratch to advance

Learn Indian Voice Music from the scratch to advance


  • This course requires patience. Learning Indian Classical Music is a journey and this course attempts to provide a foundation. Though I have tried to simplify and structure things to the best of my knowledge, some of the lectures may seem a repetitive but it’s needed to gain better understanding.
  • This course assumes that you are a beginner with no prior knowledge in Indian Classical Music, but you do have an interest and curiosity to learn this.
  • You need to have an Indian drone-instrument (Tanpura) and a Tabla. An iTabla-pro app (for Apple users) is a good option. For Android etc. you can try an App with good ratings.
  • If you do have some background in Indian Classical Music then some of the Lectures may seem familiar. In that case you can skip those sections or watch videos at higher speeds.


The course is about Indian voice music, where one can learn music of India. Initially, I will be covering Indian Classical Music, which is the root of all Indian Music. One needs to have an Indian drone-instrument called Tanpura and a Tabla, which is an Indian Percussion for creating beats. An iTabla-pro app (in apple products) connected with speakers is also sufficient for self-practices and sessions. The course is seven weeks long.

Classical music is classified into four groups:

  • Voice-production training.
  • Indian note-syllables training(SWARA).
  • knowledge about Indian beats-rhythms(TAAL).
  • Raga-improvisation.

There are a plethora of Indian music lovers in all parts of the world. Ample of audience gather for any Indian classical concert, but conceptualizing ‘what is Indian Classical’ and its proper training is still lacking its persistence. I know many westerner-musicians, who travel to India annually for several months, leaving their jobs, to get guidance from their gurus. Therefore, one should definitely take this course to make Indian music singing and training-steps more accessible and approachable at any time.

Who this course is for:

  • The course is intended for people who have an interest in learning Indian Music discipline. No prior knowledge is required to take this course. You just need to have an interest to Sing, without hesitation.
  • I expect you to have patience and also to practice regularly for 20 minutes. There are many classical elements which are vocalized and develop through time. I don’t want my students to get agonised by the course. Practice and enjoying own singing is the only way out.


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