Learn MONGODB in 10 videos

Learn MONGODB in 10 videos


  • Your laptop, 1 hour every week and a bit brain.


Become MONGODB developer in 10 videos each of length 1/2 hour. Spend 1 hour per day and take all the information about MONGODB as a

beginner. I am offering this course for a very less price.

So, I recommend you to take this course as soon as possible if its price hiked up.

Why should you learn mongodb ? 

1. Mongodb is future.

2. free to use

3. make complex tasks easy for developers

4. Already used by many big tech gaint companies.

5. learn a new skill


NoSql is a revolution in tech industry these days.

NOSQL basically horizontally scalable databse. We use mongodb compass to cross check how database is going on.

We install mongodb compass and learn that to create and do other operations from the compass graphically.

Basically these are some of the things we are going to learn in this course.

  1. Show database
  2. Create database
  3. Creating a collection
  4. Creating a capped collection
  5. Drop Collection
  6. Inserting Single row
  7. Displaying using find()
  8. Inserting Many rows
  9. Display pretty
  10. Display using foreach(json)
  11. Update rows / entries
  12. Create index
  13. Get index
  14. Drop index
  15. find(value = true)
  16. Less than
  17. Less than equal to
  18. Greater than
  19. Greater than equal to
  20. Not equal
  21. skip
  22. Ascending order
  23. Descending order
  24. Printing only 1 column with descending order
  25. Skipping 1 column with descending order
  26. Skipping 2 columns with descending order
  27. Skipping 2 column with ascending order
  28. Printing only 2 column with ascending order
  29. Printing only 1 column with ascending order
  30. Skipping 1 column with ascending order
  31. Removing a entry
  32. Creating User with read role
  33. Creating User with complete permissions on all databases
  34. Creating User with read and write permissions
  35. Printing Users
  36. Dropping database

Who this course is for:

  • beginner in mongo db


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