Learn Project and Project Management Case Studies

Learn Project and Project Management Case Studies


  • No project experience needed, it will help learners to understand the goals and process.


  • How to work on starting the project and its feasibility.
  • How to initiate and complete it.
  • How to plan resources and material.
  • Discussion of failures and their causes.
  • How to plan and complete the completion tasks.
  • How to make you financial and non financial tasks.
  • Planning and determining the milestones in project timeline.
  • How to compete with other project companies and how to access data.
  • Choosing the profitable and workable project.
  • Understanding and distribution of cash flows.
  • Pictorial Case Study and Quiz to understand the learning.
  • Case study and examples describing importance of timelines and stages.
  • How to choose material and quality of material for jobs.
  • Importance of safety procedures.
  • Monitoring and Controlling procedures of Project.
  • Design of Project planning sheet.
  • How to work on red and green flags between the timelines.
  • Defining of Rework and its effects on project costing.
  • Finance bottlenecks and their effects on execution and project closure.
  • Describing of warranty period in projects and retention amount.
  • Definition of different processes in project closure.
  • Importance of planning the movements and coordination in projects.
  • How to build a good project company and clientele.
  • Difference between low cost and high cost projects and their aspects.
  • Importance of completion and house keeping, its effect on warranty period.

Who this course is for:

  • Science Students, Engineers, Project Engineers.


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