Learn Risk Management For Trading Forex & Stocks

Learn Risk Management For Trading Forex & Stocks


  • No Trading or Risk Management Experienced Required. You’ll learn everything you need to know to get started!


Learn how to properly manage risk when trading in the forex or stock market so you can find consistency in the long term and avoid blowing trading accounts! Risk management is an essential skill that every trader should have within their skill set because it can mean the life or death of your trading career in the long term. A trader with poor risk management will always be at greater risk of losing their capital whether through funding or personal accounts because they fail to set and stick to proper risk rules which help to mitigate the risk of trading.

Remember, trading is an inherently risky profession to be in if you lack the proper discipline or skills to keep your risk of ruin low lack the ability to stick to your trading plan. The best traders have perfect risk management and follow their rules and stick to their plan in order to make consistent returns.

In This 5 Part Free Series We’ll Be Covering:

1. An Overview of What Risk Management Is

2. The Basics of Risk Management

3. Fixed Percent Risk vs Fixed Shares and Lot Sizes

4. The Different Types of Risk Management Profiles (Risk Systems)

5. The Psychology of Risk Management

All taught by Robert Castillo from Phantom Trading, a 5 year veteran who has experience trading stocks, forex, gold, indices, and cryptocurrencies.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner & Advanced Traders who want to learn proper trading risk management skills.


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