Learn the Fundamentals of Tabla! (Tabla Beginner Course)

Learn the Fundamentals of Tabla! (Tabla Beginner Course)


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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my Fundamental Tabla Course!

If you’re here today, it means you’re a person who loves to learn and GROW! Your passion for music has brought you here today and I’d like to congratulate you on beginning your journey as a Tabla player.

This course, delivered as a 12-lesson video series, will go through a range of skills, techniques and knowledge to get you to a strong level to be able to take your Tabla playing to the next level!

In this course, you will learn:

  • The History of Tabla
  • The Language of Tabla (syllables, notations etc.)
  • Finger Positioning (how to play each syllable on the Tabla)
  • Finger Development (begin playing basic exercise to develop the hands)
  • Teental (16 Beat Cycle Rhythm)
  • 2 x Teental Kaidas (Classical Composition – Dehli Gharana)
  • Bhajan Theka & Kherwa (Light-Classical Beats – commonly used in Bhajan & Indian Folk Music)

What typically would takes months & years to learn is now available to you anytime, anywhere and can get you up to a solid foundational level within a month!

You will be able to play Tabla on bhajan, kirtan and some qawali music after enrolling in this course. Towards, the end of the course, I provide rhythmic cycle bols for Bhajan Theka & Kherwa which is commonly used in Bhajan & Indian Classical & Light Classical Folk Music.

Let’s get started – I look forward to teaching you the Fundamentals of Tabla

Who this course is for:

  • Absolute Beginners


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