Learn Youtube Keyword Research and SEO to Grow Your Channel

Learn Youtube Keyword Research and SEO to Grow Your Channel


  • Have a Youtube channel!
  • Chrome or Firefox for optional extensions


Are you hungry to expand your Youtube channel?  Whether you channel’s goals are for business or personal, this course can be a foundation for success.  I boil down my 11 years of digital marketing and SEO experience in this one place.  We will go deep into Youtube keyword research to build a foundation for video success.

Your perfect viewers are out there searching thousands of keywords every day.  I will show you how to uncover these phrases, determine the difficulty in competition, rank your videos (hopefully in the top three of results) for those terms, and create the best video for that search term.

These strategies can stand alone or sections can be added to your efforts.  We will align your Youtube goals, your best viewers, and your videos so you can grow.

We will work together with various tools.  Just bring your Youtube channel (even if it’s brand new).  You will get a better understanding of your market and audience then let these keyword phrases guide your video creation.

Benefits of Youtube Keyword Research

  • Ranking and getting traffic gives a confidence boost!
  • Finding keyword phrases can guide and inspire new video topics.  (A great cure for “Youtuber’s block”)
  • You get your videos in front of highly targeted viewers for your goals, whether business or personal.
  • Keyword research can lead you down new business paths you never dreamed.
  • Learning to research keywords is an impressive addition to your resume.

A Few Proven Strategies

I am including a few related strategies to tie the lessons together and give you actions to improve your channel.  These will be developing throughout 2022.

  • Channel Renovation: learn to focus your channel to a few topics and quickly uncover dozens of phrases that your older videos SHOULD rank for. Learn to update your video titles, descriptions, and tags with effective keywords.
  • Mini Professor: Learn to create mini-courses based on keywords.  You will be shocked at how simple, quick, and effective this is.
  • FAQ / Q & A:  Learn to uncover and target questions that are being asked in your topic or market.  Easily answer these questions with some videos, test them out, and grow your channel’s authority.

We will go deep and understand why we are doing what we do.  Hopefully, this course will help you cut out the time wasting crap that isn’t working for you!

We will quickly filter out keyword phrases that interest us, determine competition strength, and create videos targeting those words.  Success can be easy when we have a logical foundation.  We will continue to target phrases and analyze our audience views for even more ideas.  We will use Youtube analytics to gauge our efforts and keep success rolling towards popularity and profits.

I teach strategies that are easy to follow, but take consistency.  I can’t do it all for you!  Give it a try for a few weeks and see what keyword branches you will dominate.  I’ll see you inside.

Who this course is for:

  • New Youtubers that don’t know where to begin.
  • Youtubers that want to grow a like-minded audience for their goals
  • Marketers and SEOs that want a solid video marketing foundation


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