Learning Harmonium Basics

Learning Harmonium Basics


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Learning Harmonium Basics: From learning the key notes to singing together

Have you thought about learning the Harmonium? If you would like to experience the amazing experience of singing with the harmonium then you can watch, learn and follow along with this course. Have you ever seen what happens to you and the people around you when you start to sing? Well, people start smiling right? Wouldn’t it be awesome to see what will happen now when you start practising the harmonium?

This course will explain the basics of the key notes that I have learned from my teacher.

You can also follow along with your own harmonium.

The intention of this course is to share how to

  • Play the keys of the Harmonium from Sa Ray Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa
  • Practice going up and down the scale
  • Practice singing the keys in segments
  • Practice singing Simran together
  • Practice trying to match our voice to the key notes

My hope is that you will enjoy this course as an introduction to the Harmonium and that it will help encourage you to start the practice and also encourage you to learn a new hobby which is uplifting to both you and your environment.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is thinking about learning a new hobby which makes you feel good and energized

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