Learning to Learn: Parents guide to distance learning

Learning to Learn: Parents guide to distance learning


  • Be able to read and write and use technology


With the rapid changes in the education system during the pandemic, a massive transfer from traditional learning to distance learning has occurred recently. This total transfer to distance learning has made it a tough challenge for parents, especially those working from home or the ones who were never familiar with the usage of online learning systems.

Therefore, the parents’ role has shifted from being a secondary party of their children’s learning to a primary one. Their role has even become more important than the teacher’s role. Consequently, parents should try to adapt to this change successfully. This could be done through learning the basics of distance learning, which would help parents to take the lead in both teaching and guiding their children throughout their new journey of online learning.

Distance learning is diverse from the traditional way that both parents and kids were used to, despite the comfort they have gained from using a wide range of technology. Yet, they are still struggling with familiarizing themselves with the use of some of the educational technology tools in particular.

Hence, this course includes tips and steps that provide what educational systems around the world have been applying, essential requirements for distance learning, and how families/ parents can adapt efficiently to the rapid and unexpected change towards distance learning.

Thus, the main outcome of this course is to help improve parents’ personal and technical skills. In which it would help prepare them for any practical challenges of learning from home that might occur in the future.

Who this course is for:

  • Parents, siblings, teachers, and anyone involves in the distance learning


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