Life Policy Settlements

Life Policy Settlements


  • No license or experience needed
  • Certain professions will have a more immediate access to clients (Life/Health Agents) for example


In this course, you will learn what Life Policy Settlements are, how they work, and how to make money with them as both a client or a representative of a client.  You will learn the reasons people want to settle their insurance policies, how to find these individuals, and the best ways to market Life Policy Settlements.  For example:  (There are many reasons to consider a life settlement. Seniors are utilizing their stagnant life insurance policies to provide them with extra cash.)

The rules for what constitutes a valid Life Policy Settlement are also discussed.  For example:  (1. Have a client submit an application for an immediate settlement of their Whole Life or Term policy.  2. Your client needs to be 65 or older.  3. Your client’s policy needs to have a minimum face value of $100,000 or more

The user will also discover ways within their own profession to make a second income without taking any extra time out of their already busy schedule.  They will also learn how to work with policy settlements without having to invest any resources of their own upfront. 

The user will also be given resources as to the best people and places to network with to build their own Life Policy Settlement side business.  The user will get access to a package of additional materials to assist them in building their business.

The user will come away from the course completely prepared to begin their journey, without the need of a license, into the world of Life Insurance policy Settlements. 

The user will also have access to further instruction from me outside the course content.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make extra money (side gig)
  • Insurance and financial professionals that wish to add another service to their clients


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