Linux Basics and Shell Programming Certification Training


Linux Basics and Shell Scripting – Course Syllabus

1. Introduction to Unix/Linux

  • Unix and its history
  • Introduction to Linux
  • Login session
  • Working with the Unix filesystem (Linux Directories)
  • Linux Basic Commands (ls, pwd, cd, touch, mkdir, rmdir, cp, mv, cat, rm)
  • Handling files and directories (with metacharacters)
  • Working with vi (visual editor along with 3 modes)
  • Linux documentation (along with manual sections including path)

2. File utilities

  • Standard I/O, redirection and pipes
  • File descriptors and its related usage of metacharacters (>, >>, <, <<, <<<)
  • Changing file access rights (users and permissions including both Symbolic and Absolute modes) (chmod)
  • Soft links and hard links
  • Checking file integrity

3. Linux Utilities

  • Disk utilities (du, df)
  • Process utilities (ps and all options)
  • Text processing utilities (head, tail, wc, find, grep etc)
  • Miscellaneous commands
  • Compressing and archiving (backup and restore) utilities
  • User management, time management and shutdown (init levels)

4. System Administrative Basics

  • Networking
  • File systems and devices
  • Accessing administrator (root) privileges
  • Package management

5. Shells and Shell Programming (BASH)

  • Command line interpreters and SSH
  • Variables in shell (Local and Global (export))
  • Environment variables
  • How to write the script?
  • Quotes (Single and Double along with variables)
  • Test commands or [ expr ]
  • Conditional statements (if … fi, if … else … fi, if … elif … else … fi, case statement)
  • Repetitive statements (for and while loops)
  • Conditional execution (&& and ||)
  • Functions
  • Signal Handling (Default action, Handling Signals and Ignoring Signals)
  • Commands such as kill, trap, shift
  • Command line processing and command line arguments
  • Processing command line options (getopts)
  • Utilities: cut, join, tr, awk, sed, uniq, grep

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