LONG COVID 19 – Banish Fatigue and Brain Fog Naturally


This simple and easy to follow plan shows you how you can take control and get back to health after COVID19 infection. Professor Dr Shirley MD show you how to eat the right foods, take the right supplements and in what order to accelerate your recovery.

Right now you’re probably feeling dog-tired, can’t seem to muster up the energy or enthusiasm for much work or exercise. Your brain feels foggy and gets tired really easily. Focusing on a task is difficult and that’s scary. You wonder if you’ll ever get better and reports on the news don’t give you much confidence.

Well help is at hand! Post-viral syndrome, which is what you are suffering, is quite common and well known. Doctors who have specialized in chronic fatigue have been treating this for years. Its just not well publisized as the average doctor is not well informed about what can be done. Well now you have access to all the knowledge of a doctor with 30 years experience treating fatigue and post-viral crises in many patients including elite athletes.

You’ll discover:

What LONG COVID19 or Longhaulers syndrome is?

Why it happens in simple terms and why the virus is still active?

What you can do about it?

What foods to eat and what foods to avoid?

Follow Dr Shirley MD’s supplement plan for recovery, including which order to start the supplements and how much to take.

Each protocol is backed up with research and studies.

Professor Dr Shirley MD brings her considerable experience in treating chronic fatigue and post-viral syndromes to give all of you the opportunity to take back control of your health and feel full of energy, vitality and strength.

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