Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection Course – Module II

Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection Course – Module II


  • This course is design for a person who has already started to experience lucid dreams and astral projections. If you are still on the fence and do not know how to do it, please check the Module I.


Hi Guys,

If you are here – it is maybe not a coincidence. Are you already a lucid dreamer or an astral projector? Do you wake up too fast once you become lucid in a dream or astral projection? Do you get yourself confused while trying to reach a particular location? Or maybe you are not familiar at all with the dynamics of the dream state?

If you would like all these questions answered, be my guest! Without bragging too much, I have done all the research, so you will not need to do it anymore. I am one of the speakers at the “O O B E Research Institute of Moscow.” I have successfully trained hundreds of dreamers worldwide. I am not only teaching the art of lucid dreaming, but I am actively researching it. You will have cutting edge information available to you, and as you know, if anything is not as expected, you can always get your money back.

So, let’s get the job done.

We will divide the lucid dreaming anchoring techniques into three categories. The categorization is not to make things complicated, but instead, get them efficiently settled in your mind. You have probably experienced this already. You successfully induce a lucid dream or manage to have an out-of-body experience, but you wake up within a few seconds. I want you to become like a sportsman and look technically at this issue. I want you to be quickly capable of associating with each situation its appropriate solution.

Travelling techniques is another crucial aspect of Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection. You will need to learn not only how to walk around, but also to run, fly, fly at hyperspeed, go through walls, and learn to teleport.

Even walking can be a challenge sometimes. Maybe you have already experienced the sluggish movement in the dream state, and now wish to know its cause and overcome it.

Did you know that even after you have learned to walk, you might reach the speed limit of your running and flying? But do not worry, every problem has its solution, and I will train in a very organized way. I want your mind not to have any doubt about what to do in a particular situation.

Please go through each part of the course thoroughly. If you realize that you are watching me talking, but think about something else – go back and listen, watch again. I also advise you to start a dream journal if you did not do it yet. Turn it over, and take notes of this course at the end of your dream journal. By taking notes, you will draw a mental representation of all the information presented to you. By doing so, you will “digest and assimilate” the knowledge. Remember? I want you to be like a technical sportsman – to each situation, its appropriate action.

This is how we are going to work together.

Sometimes, I will ask you questions about the course. If you aren’t capable of answering them, it means that you have not been learning carefully.

Let me tell you just a few more words about the course. Today in 2020, the mystery of the phenomenon of Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection is out of our way. We do not require any unique ability from you anymore. And this course does not contain any unclear instructions, meditation, all day awareness practice and so on. We will not bombard you with unnecessary binaural beats or give you promises in the future that will never become part of your present.

Instead, the technical arsenal of a lucid dreamer will be yours to use.

Finally, I hope you do not mind my home set up of the class. It is a simple environment. What counts is the information and not the fashion in which it is presented to you.

Do not hesitate to contact me. I try my best to answer your questions on an urgent basis. It is part of the package. I am not only selling this course, but I would also like the art of LUCID DREAMING and ASTRAL PROJECTION to be more mainstream. When you make this “PLUS ONE” in the overall number of lucid dreamers in our world, I become a happier man. By purchasing this course, you are helping you and me, but you are also assisting this knowledge to be more spread around the world.

Dreaming is my passion. If dreaming is your passion too, then, like I said at the beginning, this is NOT A COINCIDENCE.

See you soon in the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to advanced lucid dreamers, astral projectors and out-of-body experience practitioners. If you came across this subject but have no idea about the knowledge base of this field, be my guest. I am confident in the approach and the know-how.


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