making booty shorts from scratch

making booty shorts from scratch


  • A basic sewing machine.
  • No programming experience required you will learn the basic you’ll need to know about sewing operations.


In this course Charlotte Marie teaches how to thread and set up your basis sewing machine, design, make a pattern, layout, cut out, sew pieces together piece by piece. This lesson contains a complete all in one project we will produce booty shorts from scratch. I’d like to think it’s sorta a sewing instructing for dummies.  If you have a desire to design, style, create and/or sew this is the perfect beginners course for you. Adding this course to your library of Udemy’s collection you will have assess to use again and again. Course instructor Charlotte Marie a seamstress since 1975 brings an array of experience in ladies’ wear, men’s wear, children’s apparel, decor for the home, theater customs, weddings, proms, designs from scratch and you name it, if its sew-able I’ve done it.

I have worked with companies like, JUXTA Position Arts in Minneapolis MN,  Levi Stress and company in Angelo TX, Sew What tailor shops Minneapolis MN, Stitch A Rip sewing and alterations Minneapolis MN, I’ve sewn costumes for major productions of Speck the Word International in St Louis Park MN 

What you’ll learn

  • how to tread a basic sewing machine
  • how to make your pattern
  • how to layout and cutout fabric
  • how to sew pieces together
  • how to reproduce your favorite pair of shorts from start to finish

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners first and second time sewer’s
  • Beginner’s who’d like to develop and produce their own fashion ideas. The young moms and homemaker who want to save money on make their families clothes and home decor. And the person who wants to express their own style uniquness.


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