Marketing Tips for Professionals

Marketing Tips for Professionals


  • Previous marketing and/or sales experience is an asset
  • A professional who wants to promote their brand image


There are many digital marketing techniques. This course will give you some great ideas. As a professional, it is essential to create a positive image. Most professionals will create differentiate themselves from others. They will undertake activities to show that their knowledge and experience are better than others in their field. As your profession is knowledge-based, it is essential to provide a positive image.

This course will first cover the 20 professional marketing tips. These include the following: Ditch the general messaging, find your unique value proposition and flaunt it, optimize your website for your ideal client persona, personalize your online presence, be a resource matchmaker, understand your client’s goals and motivations, and use a public relations approach, host your own ‘genius bar’, embrace technology, write a book, work smarter, not harder, measure the right things, be consistent, don’t be afraid to invest more, be an advocate for your community, hire a professional, and finally, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Then we will talk about the 8 Easy & creative marketing ideas for Professionals. These include: 1. Lunch and Learn 2. Publish Newsletters, 3. Host a Seminar or Webinar, 4. Reach out to Journalists, 5. Send out Cards, 6. Speak at Meetings, 7. Professional Website, 8. Sponsor Youth Sports

Who this course is for:

  • Business professionals looking to use marketing to boost their image


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