Master CBT Coach in Nutrition, Diet, Weight-Loss & Wellbeing

Master CBT Coach in Nutrition, Diet, Weight-Loss & Wellbeing


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DietAthlon is a unique, pioneering, weight loss coach, based on C.B.T. (Cognitive Behavioural Treatment) methods and the Mediterranean Diet consisting over 200 lectures based on over 200 scientific references and related bibliography! It suits health Experts but also people who want to improve their health, weight, nutrition and psychology on the long run!

DietAthlon will coach you weekly and step-by-step to conquer your own Athlos towards a slimmerhealthier, fitter and happier you, or to help your clients to reach those goals!


DietAthlon uses a -one of its kind- interactive coaching series, daily coaching goals and extra goals based on conscious and mindful eating, along with a unique nutrition and diet “build up” knowledge that regards:

No calorie counting,

No “magic” foods,

No food measuring or weighing,

No specific recipe requirements

No food restrictions

No deprivation

No endless food directories

No extreme or prolonged exercise

So that you can become the Dietician of YOURSELF, skipping any diet that you had in mind. It’s all about FLEXIBILITY in eating! If you are a health expert, you will learn how to easily address and coach exactly upon your clients needs, breaking through any diet and behavioral issue they bring you.

If you are still wondering how can your diet and your habits affect you, well:

In order for your metabolism and homeostasis to work properly,

In order to be satisfied with your eating (that is, to have satiety) since the portions will be specific,

In order to get rid of cravings (and not succumb to unhelathy snacks, etc.),

In order to improve your mood biochemically through food ( believe it will happen after 3-4 days with this diet)

In order to deminish emotional and/or psychological eating

And finally in order to fully nourish yourself (to get what your body needs and to work properly)

You will be inspired to progress through unique behavioural and diet tools based on training your mind and body through the features below:


Every Coaching (12 in total) consists of a set of unique video tutorials, quizzes, and texts, created to be fully interactive, comprehensive, and fun, preparing you to conquer its Weekly Coaching Athlos! So you had better meet their goals if you really want to lose weight!


In the same manner, your Daily and Bonus and Extra Athlos will be there for you to use daily, offering extra help and new tasks, contributing to your mindfulness and conscious training.


Having a hard time with all those Athlos and their conquering? All the necessary information you will need plus extra material for every Coaching Athlos in order to conquer your own Athlos will be waiting for you here. Except your Diet Menu, you will receive over 100 updated related articles and dozens of hand-outs for your transformation!


Know now that being fit, happy, and healthy isn’t a final destination; it is a way of life! Just like the 12 labors – 12 Athlos – were the means for Hercules to redeem himself, and not his journey’s end. So what are you waiting for? DietAthlon is here, your quest for the better YOU of a lifetime!

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals who want to lose or control their weight on the long run, by becoming their own Nutritionist-Dietician
  • Anyone who is experiencing overeating, binge eating, emotional eating or other nutritional disorders
  • Individuals who want to become Diet or Nutrition Coaches or Learn how to plan Mediterranean Meals and Menus
  • Nutritionists, Dieticians, Fitness Coaches, Medical Staff who want to learn Cognitive Behavioral Approaches and Food Psychology
  • Individuals who want to balance their relationship with their food and their body, mentally and physically
  • Health Professionals of all kind
  • Individuals who want to learn the proper way to plan a healthy, Mediterranean Diet, easily
  • Individuals who want to cultivate a healthier mindset over eating
  • Individuals who want to expand their food knowledge beyond diets, calories and other coventional means of coaching
  • Over 200 lectures based on over 200 scientific references and related bibliography



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