Meditative Candlemaking – For Beginners!

Meditative Candlemaking – For Beginners!


  • There are no pre-requisites. This course is for beginner candle-makers!
  • Students will need to buy at minimum: wax, a double boiler, glass or metal containers, wicks, and essential oils. For a list of all the items I use in this course, be sure to review the video called “equipment & supplies” 🙂


Hi, I’m Jovanna! I’ve been making candles since I was 15 years old. I really enjoy it; for me, it’s a relaxing, meditative activity – an enjoyable hobby, rather than a job or profession.

This course will show you how to make a few types of basic candles, including molded candles, votive candles, scented candles, and even multicolored candles, in extremely simple and easy ways.

This is not a course for candle-making professionals to learn how to make complicated & time consuming candles to sell to Bed Bath & Beyond. This is more of a course for someone who wants to learn to quickly and easily (and enjoyably) make simple, fun candles, to burn at home, or to give as gifts to friends & relatives, or even to sell on Etsy.

In this course, I’ll walk you through the basics of candle-making, including temperatures, flashpoints, essential oils, pigments, and more.

I even included some videos where I made mistakes in measurements and procedures, in order to show you what can happen when you do things the wrong way, so that you learn from my mistakes and learn what NOT to do.

I hope you enjoy this course, and would love to get your honest feedback! I sincerely appreciate your honest thoughts, messages and reviews.

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to learn how to make candles in an enjoyable, meditative way.

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