Microbiology: Characterization & Identification of microbes

Microbiology: Characterization & Identification of microbes


  • Interest in Biology or Life sciences


This course is aimed to get a detailed understanding on the various characteristics a microorganism possesses, its classification methods, nomenclature and identification techniques involved in microbiology.

With the advent of newer technological advances, a lot has been understood about the microorganisms. It is overwhelming to see such a diversity in minute organisms. There has been a lot of studies to correlate theses structural attributes to its functional characteristics. The first section deals with various characteristics that are seen in microbes, specifically, the bacteria that help to understand more about these organisms.

The following section takes us into a topic that discusses about the various classification methods that are prevalent that helps us categorize these organisms in a much organized way. Depending on the availability of the resources, we can choose the best method to classify the organisms.

Naming the organisms is discussed in the next section. A huge database of microorganisms is maintained in various laboratories across the globe. We can get the information about the organisms from this databases. However, if we come across a new organism or discover them, an instant way of naming the organisms is also provided!!!

The last section deals with the identification of the organisms. This also deals with the past and the present conditions that are currently prevalent in this area for understanding the characteristics, taxonomical data and identification of microorganisms.

This course is a basic course intended to be beneficial for any student/individual who is interested inn biology, Microbiology or life science.

Who this course is for:

  • Any person interested in Biology or Life sciences
  • Graduate and undergraduate students of Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Pharmacy and Immunology
  • Any person who is pursuing Immunology and Virollgy


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