Microsoft Office Management Training Course

Microsoft Office Management Training Course


  • Basic Knowledge of PC, and Laptop
  • Eager to learn new things
  • Tech shavvy
  • Patience to learn


Microsoft Office is one of the most widely used productivity suites in the world. It includes several essential applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access, among others. Due to the widespread use of Microsoft Office, it is essential for professionals to learn how to manage and utilize it effectively.

A Microsoft Office management course is a training program designed to teach individuals how to use the software suite efficiently. The course covers a range of topics, from basic skills to advanced techniques, and it can be tailored to fit the needs of different learners. Here are some of the key areas that may be covered in a Microsoft Office management course:

  1. Windows: At this part you will get the basic operations, manipulations, and handling process of windows in your desktop and laptop.
  2. Microsoft Word: Microsoft Word is one of the most commonly used applications in the Microsoft Office suite. A Microsoft Office management course will teach you how to create and edit documents, use templates, format text, and work with images.
  3. Microsoft Excel: Microsoft Excel is another widely used application in the suite. In a Microsoft Office management course, you will learn how to create and format spreadsheets, use formulas and functions, and analyze data.
  4. Microsoft PowerPoint: Microsoft PowerPoint is used for creating presentations. A Microsoft Office management course will teach you how to create and edit presentations, add animations and transitions, and use multimedia.
  5. Microsoft Access: Microsoft Access is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that is part of the Microsoft Office suite of applications. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to create, manage and manipulate databases. After completion of this training, users can create tables to store data, forms to enter data, queries to search and retrieve data, and reports analyzing and present data.

Overall, a Microsoft Office management course is essential for anyone who wants to learn how to use Microsoft Office effectively. By completing the course, you will gain a deeper understanding of the software suite and be able to use it to increase your productivity and efficiency in your professional and personal life.

After completion of this course, you will

1. Achieve a Course Completion Certificate

2. Get a competitive advantage on job market

3. Be able to handle Microsoft Applications efficiently and effectively

4. Get full knowledge on Microsoft Applications to handle your desktop and laptop

Microsoft Windows Course Outline

01. Introduction to Windows Desktop

02. How to manipulate desktop Windows

03. Introduction to Windows applications and the desktop

04. Process to check basic information of PC

05. Use of Windows File Explorer

06. How to manipulate folder on Windows

07. Process to remove pen drive safely from PC

08. File manipulation process in windows

09. How to compress and decompress file on Windows

Microsoft Word course outline

01. Introduction to Microsoft Word

02. Starting Microsoft Word with blank document

03. Starting Microsoft Word document with a template

04. Manipulating text in Microsoft Word 2016 document

05. Text formatting process in Microsoft Word

06. Paragraph formatting process in Microsoft Word

07. How to use Styles in Microsoft Word

08. Find and Replace function in Microsoft Word

09. How Insert menu functions in Microsoft Word

10. Design Theme in Microsoft Word

11. Create and Design Table in Microsoft Word

12. Functions of view menu in Microsoft Word

13. Mail Merge Process in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel course outline

01. Getting Started with Microsoft Excel application

02. How to use Cut, Copy, Paste, and Format Painter in Excel

03. Function of Font Tools under Home Menu

04. Function of Alignment Tools under Home Menu

05. Function of Number Tools under Home Menu

06. Use of Style Tools under Home Menu

07. Function of Cells tool under home menu

08. How to use Editing Tools under Home Menu

09. Process to Work with Multiple worksheet

10. How to use tables under insert menu

11. Usage of illustrator tool under the insert menu

12. Process to use Charts & Sparkline’s  tool under insert menu

13. Use of Pivot Table and Slicer in Microsoft Excel

14. Function of text tool under insert menu

15. How to use text & symbol tool under insert menu

16. Functions of different tools under Draw menu

17. How to set Page Layout in Microsoft Excel

18. How to use different functions in Microsoft Excel

19. How to Check and fix Function Errors in Microsoft Excel

20. Use of Formula Auditing tools under Formula Menu in Excel

21. Use of IF function in Microsoft Excel

22. How to import data, sorting, filtering and remove data duplication in MS Excel

23. How to use Data Validation tool in Excel

24. Text to Column Process in Microsoft Excel

25. What IF Analysis – Goal Seek for decision-making in Microsoft Excel

26. What IF Analysis – Data Table for decision-making in Microsoft Excel

27. What IF Analysis – Scenario Manager for Scenario Analysis in Microsoft Excel

28. Data Forecasting Manually and Automatically in Microsoft Excel

29. How to activate solver in Microsoft Excel for Data Analysis

30. Use of Spelling checker tool under Review Menu in Microsoft Excel

31. How to use Thesaurus and Translate Tool in Excel

32. How to use comments and Protection in Excel

33. Workbook Different Views in Microsoft Excel

34. How to use Show and Zoom Tools in Microsoft Excel

35. How to use Window Tools under view menu in Excel

36. How to activate Macro Tool in Microsoft Excel

37. Tell me what to do Tool in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint course outline

01. Getting Started with Microsoft PowerPoint

02. Introduce to the interface of Microsoft PowerPoint

03. Start Microsoft PowerPoint with blank document and pre-built template

04. Use of Clipboard function under home menu in Microsoft PowerPoint

05. Use of File Menu Function in Microsoft PowerPoint

06. Tool of Font in formatting in MS PowerPoint

07. Use of Paragraph tools in formatting in Microsoft PowerPoint

08. Use of Drawing tools in Microsoft PowerPoint

09. How to insert slides, table and pictures from insert menu in MS PowerPoint

10. Use of illustrations tool under insert menu in Microsoft PowerPoint

11. Use of Text tools under insert menu in Microsoft PowerPoint

12. Usage of Design menu tools to design slides in Microsoft PowerPoint

13. How to add transition in slides in Microsoft PowerPoint

14. How to add animations in the slides in PowerPoint

15. How to add Slide Show in Microsoft PowerPoint

16. Use of tools available under review menu in Microsoft PowerPoint

17. How to use view menu tools in Microsoft PowerPoint

18. Tell me what you want to do tool in Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Access course outline

01. Microsoft Access Database Concept Part – 1

02. Microsoft Access Database Concept Part – 2

03. Getting Started with Microsoft Access

04. Use of different tools under file menu in Microsoft Access

05. How to create database from template in Access

06. How to update field properties in Access table

07. How to set validation rule and list in the table fields of Microsoft Access

08. How to do formatting work in Microsoft Access

09. Manipulating tables and records in Access

10. How to set up primary keys and indexes in table

11. How to do filtering and sorting in Microsoft Access

12. How to create relationship between tables in Microsoft Access

13. How to create a Form and input data in table

14. How to design a Form in Microsoft Access

15. Process to create Query in Microsoft Access on specific requirements

16. Process to create Report in Microsoft Access

I wish you all the best!

Who this course is for:

  • Job Holders
  • Business Owners
  • Students
  • Trainers
  • Corporate personnel


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