MidhaFin FRM Part 1 Sample Material

MidhaFin FRM Part 1 Sample Material


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We are GARP authorized online training and content providers for the FRM Part 1 and FRM Part 2 Exams.

We have an exceptional pass rate for both FRM Part 1 and FRM Part 2 over the last few years. We train candidates not only to comfortably pass the exam but to equip them with an in-depth analytical understanding of the curriculum.

This is our sample material for FRM Part 1.

It includes the following topics –

  1. Probability Concepts
  2. Swaps
  3. Quantifying Volatility in VaR Models
  4. Binomial Trees
  5. The Option Greeks

Please feel free to visit our website in case of any query, and we will be happy to assist you. If you like this sample material, you can enroll to our full course for FRM Part 1.

Generally, students find it difficult to fully understand the mathematics behind the concepts of financial analysis and financial risk management. Our instructor, Mr. Micky Midha has been teaching both Mathematics and Finance for more than 10 years, and with us, you will find that you are able to grab on to the Mathematical part too. Micky has a very unique way of teaching using graphs, figures and tables making you visualize all the concepts wherever possible. Many candidates who did not have a strong mathematical background have mastered the Quantitative Methods section of the FRM curriculum under the supervision of Micky and successfully cleared the FRM exam with us.

Who this course is for:

  • FRM Part 1 Candidates


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