Minimalism + Decluttering: Complete Guide for Busy Moms

Minimalism + Decluttering: Complete Guide for Busy Moms


  • No skills or experience required


In this course you will learn how to achieve a decluttered, organized home and how to maintain it through the art of minimalism. The way minimalism will be instructed here ensures a way that your possessions are working for you, versus constantly trying to keep up with your possessions. This course also covers how to declutter and stay organized when your mind is being pulled in every direction. You will also learn tips for your brain to maintain a new lifestyle.  Now is time to start living with real intent, not drowning in house cleaning.  This course is catered to both working and stay-at-home moms.

Organizing stuff is just shifting things around. Your possessions that take up your mental and physical space and attention will still be there draining you. It is not until you have decluttered when you will experience rewarding relief. Just organizing will not bring you lasting peace. Decluttering followed by organizing will. In this course you will learn how to declutter with a family, what to do with those items and how to maintain it. You will receive instruction from start to end with extra tips along the way. Your mental health and the positive example will be learning for your family is worth the effort.

Who this course is for:

  • For those wanting to thrive in a peaceful, organized home


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