Movie and Film Appreciation with Dosta – Top 10 Films

Movie and Film Appreciation with Dosta – Top 10 Films


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Film is a phenomenon of the human condition like no other

So much of our humanity can be expressed and learnt about in Film

We are born together, and we die together, the story of the intervening years is the story of life, beauty, pain, transformation and many other things that we call this cosmic dream

Film brings together metaphor, drama, expression, insight in to a medium that is both subtle and impactful. Film is the culmination of all the interweaving components of life

This course is a dive into the multidimensionality of the human story

Learn the drama of personal relationships and family relationships

Learn the significance of other states of consciousness

Learn of the fear that lives inside you, and bring it to the light

Learn the key moments of growth that are found on the path to Enlightenment

This course holds commentary on many of the classic films:

– Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

– Holy Mountain

– Blair Witch Project

– Everything Everywhere All At Once

With a unique wisdom and quirky insight, Dosta brings many lessons to light from the world of Film

What is to be found between the screen and the eye, is the question of what is beyond…

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Who this course is for:

  • Film Students
  • Film Critics
  • Cultural Commentators
  • Psychology Students
  • Cultural Connoisseurs
  • Movie Enthusiasts
  • Students of Consciousness and Awareness development


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