Multitier architecture with AWS

Multitier architecture with AWS


  • Basic knowledge on network and AWS cloud



I’m here to help you understand the concept of the “Multitier architecture” and give you real examples of how a 3-tier architecture network can be implemented on the AWS cloud using the native services.

Here you will understand, how to your environment, which should be isolated, provide network connectivity and the ability to track your traffic through all level of tiers. And based on traffic hopes, you will see how traffic can go through all network points on AWS, such as Internet Gateway and NAT gateways.

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Workflow of the course:

  • Multitier architecture concept
  • Review schemas of 4-tier and 3-tier architectures
  • Prepare the network from the scratch on AWS cloud using VPC and subnets
  • Preparation of Internet Gateway and route for WEB tier
  • Preparation of public NAT gateway for App tier and internet connectivity there
  • Preparation of private NAT gateway for DB tier and internet connectivity there

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As a result of this course, you will receive the experience of the building of network 3-tier architecture on AWS cloud and the ability to use this experience on your future projects!

Also, you will see here, how traffic will go through this schema on all levels of tiers.

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The course will include next elements:

  • VPC
  • Subnets
  • Route Tables
  • Internet gateway
  • NAT gateways
  • Security Groups
  • EC2 instances

Who this course is for:

  • Developers and administrators of any level of experience, who want to know about the multitier architecture


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