Numerical Methods in MATLAB for Engineering Students Part 1

Numerical Methods in MATLAB for Engineering Students Part 1


  • Coding: You should know MATLAB basics like matrices, looping, if statements, plotting
  • Math requirements: Calculus
  • MATLAB should be installed on your computer in order to run the provided MATLAB files


Numerical Methods (also known as Numerical Analysis) is required in many Engineering degree programs.  This course will focus on the  root finding and numerical integration techniques most frequently covered at the undergraduate level.

MATLAB is widely used in undergraduate engineering programs as well as in industry.  Because of this, MATLAB is used in this course to demonstrate how to successfully code each of the methods presented.  In addition, it should be noted that this course can be used to enhance your coding skills.

You will learn the theory behind the techniques as well as the coding aspects.  We will work examples by hand and then follow those with MATLAB examples.

This course covers the following topics:

Root Finding:

  • Bisection Method
  • Newtons Method (also known as Newton-Raphson)
  • Secant Method
  • MATLAB coding of all methods

Numerical Integration:

  • Rectangle Method
  • Midpoint Method
  • Trapezoidal Method
  • Simpson’s Method
  • MATLAB coding of all methods

Downloadable resources that come with the course:

  • Outline of notes with all example problem statements
  • MATLAB codes needed to run all the examples

Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended for engineering students wanting to learn numerical methods in MATLAB


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