Paint an Easy Watercolor Anime, Manga Portrait

Paint an Easy Watercolor Anime, Manga Portrait


  • There aren’t any prerequisites, however it will be much easier to follow if you have a bit of experience in watercolors.
  • Print out the lineart template from the class


Do you want to learn how to paint a full-body manga/ anime style portrait like this one?

If painting a watercolor portrait is a challenge or mystery, then come learn my Fail-Proof yet Simple Techniques.

I’m Eliza the Watercolour Witch. I’ve taught more than 33000 students all over the world on how to watercolor the easy way and in this class I will be sharing my secrets to capture the likeness of this painting.

This class is perfect for Beginners (even if you’ve never handled a brush before)

And Experienced Artists as well can pick up some new techniques.

In this course you are going to learn

  • How to paint skin tones easily
  • How to create modern style colorful splashes with a secret tool
  • Botanical painting techniques which you can apply to paint the lotus flowers
  • How to create colorful mists effortlessly
  • And other painting techniques which will make your paintings more outstanding.

While in other courses you need to sketch the project yourself, in this beginner-friendly class a downloadable line art template (coloring page) is included, which takes away the stress of having to produce a sketch before the painting. All you need do is color the line art into the finished painting.

What more could you ask for?

Let’s paint this together and have some fun!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and intermediate watercolorists
  • Aspiring mangaka-s
  • Hobbyist painters
  • Anyoone who wants to learn how to paint in a dreamy manga style



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