Partner Support For Labor and Birth

Partner Support For Labor and Birth


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The presence and participation of a birth partner can have an enormous impact on a mother’s satisfaction with her birth experience. Through partner yoga postures, breathwork, massage, and other comfort techniques, this workshop will give partners tools to confidently support their lovely mommas-to-be. Connecting with our partners during this deeply important transitional time, this hands-on exploration will help to open up a new way of looking at the process of labor. With an emphasis on a practical approach to helping labor progress more smoothly, we will workshop breathing techniques, intuitive touch for partners, as well as positions for labor to help manage pain and cultivate a relaxed state during birth.

This workshop is open to pregnant people at any stage of pregnancy and their birth partner. *No experience necessary*

Who this course is for:

  • Pregnant People and Their Support Partner
  • Expecting Parents
  • Doulas
  • Yoga teachers
  • Anyone who supports pregnant people


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