Personal Growth for Teens – Curriculum Package for Teachers

Personal Growth for Teens – Curriculum Package for Teachers


  • Option to keep a private journal to engage and connect with the content.


This course is for educators, facilitators, youth workers, and teachers who are passionate about teaching personal growth to their students.

The Personal Growth for Teens curriculum teaches self-discovery and personal growth specifically for teenagers and young adults. It is designed to help them identify their personal values; develop leadership skills, learn to be intentional in behavior, boost self-confidence, and improve mental wellness.

The sessions in the Personal Growth Program follow a structured curriculum, with built-in concepts and strategies that are tailored around your personal patterns of behavior.

Each workshop teaches transformational techniques to build confidence, connect more authentically with others, and increase self-awareness, confidence, and how to live intentionally.

We begin each session by acknowledging our “Challenges & Victories”. We look at recent victories and celebrate them, as well as any challenges that have been faced and what was learned.

At the end of each session, students will have actionable takeaways to immediately start using, along with accountability strategies to keep them focused, supported, and on track.

Workshop Topics

These workshops help students understand their own behavior patterns, and learn how to make choices with intention. It will serve to boost self-confidence, identify values that are important to them, and connect and build meaningful connections.

Students will learn how to communicate ideas, emotions, needs, and expectations with ease and confidence.

They will also discover their own style of communication, such as how they read others, how they interpret and accept information, and how to send information out and voice their needs.

1. Goal Setting & Understanding Your Behaviour Patterns

2. 4 Stages and Using Rituals & Routines

3. Finding Your Core Values

4. Power of Gratitude

5. 6 Essential Traits for Positive Learning & Growth

6. Overcoming Anxiety, Worry & Fear

Who this course is for:

  • High School teachers, educators, facilitators, youth workers, camp counselors who are passionate about improving mental health and wellness in their teenagers or young adults


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