Pilates Mat Work; Improve Posture and Strengthen your Core

Pilates Mat Work; Improve Posture and Strengthen your Core


  • Some movement experience preferable but not required.


This Course will introduce you to the foundational exercises of the Pilates Mat Repertoire using both a classical and contemporary approach. Pilates and Rehabilitation Specialist, Melanie McGray, will take you through each lecture comprehensively with expert cueing, helping you truly understand how to do the work and where to drive your movement from.

This course will enhance your movement education, strengthen your core and give you a renewed outlook on how to move with dynamic attention to detail, giving you not only a workout but all the WHAT, WHY and HOW’s of each exercise. You will be able to take this course and apply it to any movement modality. The course also includes modifications for those pre or post natal, pre/post surgery as well as other special conditions such as back injuries.

My intention of this course is to give you applicable tools to teach you and your body how to move with ease, strength and agility. If you are in need of postural wellness, strong muscles and a new sense of body awareness then this course is for you! 

Enjoy and please let me know how this course makes you feel. You (and your body) will be happy you took it!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to Advanced Exercise seekers, those with back pain, pelvic floor or postural issues. Those looking for a better explanation of Pilates Mat Exercises.
  • Those wanting to build a strong foundation for a Pilates or other movement practice.


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