Power BI – Keeping it simple

Power BI – Keeping it simple


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You may have heard about Power BI.  A tool that can mash up different types of data together to allow users to create reports and dashboards to tell a story.   Invest 2 hours in this course and I guarantee you will be creating reports and dashboards with ease. 

What makes this course different from other courses out there?  I have found most people have learned Power BI by piece milling their knowledge through google, YouTube, or other means.   My passion is taking what is perceived as complex subject matter and making it easy to understand and apply.  In this course, you will walk through a systematic series of lectures which will build up your understanding and knowledge. 

Power BI can be a vast topic with many options, bells, and whistles.  This is great but when you get started, it will help you in the long run to develop a core foundation build your knowledge on. 

We will start with some foundational knowledge about the Power BI landscape.  We ill then get into connecting data and loading data into the Power BI data model.   Of course data is not always clean, thus you will learn how to clean and transform it.    In addition you will learn about modeling and relationships, key to data analytics.  Then we get to the fun stuff, building out the visualizations and publishing to the cloud.  So let me guide in your Power BI learning journey.  Hope to see you soon.

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