PowerShell Practice Ground

PowerShell Practice Ground


  • Not necessary but better if you have Computer to practice PowerShell commands and Scripts
  • Will and Interest to Learn and solve assignments
  • Atleast some knowledge about Powershell


What I hear, I forget;

What I see, I remember;

What I do, I understand.

       — Confucius

  • So this course focus of only Practice, Practice & Practice
  • The Ultimate Aim of this Course is to increase your proficiency in using PowerShell
  • This course contains 200+ Assignments, All are unique to each other
  • I am adding 5+ Assignments every week to this Course
  • Most of the Assignments can be resolved using your local computer only
  • To get the most out of this Course, I’m assuming you already have a basic understanding of PowerShell
  • In case you don’t have basic understanding of PowerShell or You want to refresh your PowerShell Memory then please go through course Mastering PowerShell from Beginner to Advanced Level
  • I have tried to arrange the content in such a way that very basic exercises are first with

    complexity increasing throughout the Course

  • Many assignments build on earlier ones, so it makes sense to go through the book in order
  • You can always see the solution at any pint of time but I trust that you will take whatever time is necessary to solve each exercise before actually peeking the solution
  • If you are still unsure about how or why it works after seeing the solution and reading whatever hint notes might accompany it, your first step should be to re-read the full cmdlet help, including example

Who this course is for:

  • Techies who want to learn PowerShell
  • Techies who already know about PowerShell and want to practice more Powershell Scripting to sharpen their Skills
  • IT People who want to automate repetitive task and make their life easy



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