Principles of integrated and value-based healthcare

Principles of integrated and value-based healthcare


  • General knowledge about current healthcare challenges and solutions for healthcare improvement, better patient care and efficient healthcare services, how to innovate healthcare organizations and make them work better and how to use technology to enable this these improvements.


These 3 lectures explain the principles of integrated and value-based healthcare, the transformation of healthcare systems and services as well as the role of technology in enabling this process to reduce improve health outcomes, patient experience and costs. In the first lecture an overview will be provided of the ‘Principles of integrated and value-based healthcare’. You will learn why it is important to provide patient centred care and that an integration of services and collaboration with colleagues from different disciplines is essential to make this happen.

Along with other aspects which are needed to integrate people and organisations to be focused on patients in a more coherent way. Also the concept of the patient journey is introduced and related interaction with the patient as a care team. Lastly, how healthcare services can be optimised. The second lecture elaborates on how do we make the improvements mentioned in the previous lecture happen. You will learn about how to use design principles and the patients’ needs to create new care services.

You will discover that process of (re)designing care with all colleagues and other relevant people involved i.e. co-creation, is the change management itself. The third lecture is about the use of technology, including digital health or eHealth, to enable care services and realise better health outcomes. Different examples of how you could use technology in the hospital and in primary care will be shown. Also, the lecture explains why it is often difficult to make use of technology successful.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for students and professionals in medicine, healthcare management, finance and economics, ancillary medical services or other students or professionals with an interest in healthcare

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