Proactive Productivity

Proactive Productivity


  • It would be helpful to download Evernote for your computer and mobile device or use Apple Notes
  • iTalk for your mobile device
  • Inbox by Google
  • 30/30 Mobile app
  • Pomodoro Mobile App



I feel like a lot of instructors promise you productivity, time or financial freedom but they under deliver. They are either too broad, have weak content or don’t resonate with their students’ needs.

Who am I? I’m a serial entrepreneur and I care a lot about my students. If you have any trouble while going through this course OR you’re just on the fence about signing up and have some preliminary questions, you can email me for help at


Whether you’re a stay at home mom with a ton of responsibilities or a quickly-developing entrepreneur, people are always saying that there’s not enough time in a day. With what I’m about to teach you, I have found a way to create more time in my day simply by renegotiating my priorities all while achieving a high-level of productivity in all that I do. I have tried many organizers and structure systems throughout the years because I tend to have a lot going on.

Through this system, I have achieved a state of relaxed control and the steps that follow should be followed exactly in their order so that you too, may progress from “having so much on your plate” to being able to control your life and where it goes too. In addition to productivity and time-management I also teach you about marketing, leadership and even how to make money using the steps that I have used; proven techniques in their industries that still work today.

For more free resources on how to manage your time, projects or business, please check out thetrustybusinessman dot com

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for people who believe in going against the grain, who don’t believe in the social norm of the “9-5” and those who want to work less and live more.
  • You shouldn’t take this course if you feel you have enough time and enough money or if you’re Elon Musk.


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