Python for Data Science from Zero to Advance Hands-on Course

Python for Data Science from Zero to Advance Hands-on Course


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Why is Python Essential for Data Science and Data Analysis?

There are numerous reasons why Python is extremely essential for data analysis, a few of them are:



Open Source


Learn Python for Data Science

Those who wish to start learning Python for data science or upskill themselves can enroll in a Python certification course. Data Science YF offers the Course.

Data science and analytics have applications across different industries today. Some of these include healthcare, financial and insurance services, e-commerce, retail, entertainment, education, and more. This is the reason why there are big opportunities in data science and data analytics, which are expected to grow further in the near future.

The typical starting salary for a data scientist can easily exceed €100,000 per year.

You will learn about Python for Data Science from zero to advance all Hands-on practical work in Jupiter NoteBook…

Course Overview

How to install Anaconda

Overview of Jupyter NoteBook

Module 1 : Variable, Data Types, And Operators

Module 2 : Data Structures

Data Structures: List, Tuple, Set, Dictionary

Module 3 : Control Flow

Control Flow: If Else Statement, While Loop, For Loop

Module 4 : Functions

Functions: How to Create Function, Call function, Parameter or Arguments, Built_in Functions, Lambda, Recursion

Module 5 : File Handling

File Handling: Creating, Reading, Updating, and Deleting files

Module 6: NumPy

NumPy: Install & Import NumPy, OD Array, 1D Array, 2D Array, 3D Array, Slicing, Shape, Reshape, Joining, Splitting, Searching, Sorting

Module 7 : Pandas

Pandas: Install &Import Pandas, Read Files, Analyzing Data Frame, Cleaning Data

Modules 8 : Matplotlib

Matplotlib: Install & Import Matplotlib & Pyplot, Plotting x and y, Markers, Creating Lines, Style, Scatter Plots, Bar Charts, Histogram, Pie Chart.

Who this course is for:

  • For Data Science and Data Analysis Beginners



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