Reaching the end of the Job Seeking Process and Negotiations

Reaching the end of the Job Seeking Process and Negotiations


  • To be in the process of interviewing for jobs
  • Benefitial to take all the courses in the Job Search Solution


Now we come to the end:  The follow-up and/or final interviews AND Negotiating the Offer!!

The novice and experienced job seeker think there is no difference between initial interviews and follow-up interviews. Therefore, they do poorly on initial interviews. The second big mistake candidates make is doing poorly on follow-up interviews. Follow-up interviews are like the postseason playoff games in sports. There’s a great deal more intensity and they are quite different than most people imagine. This Tutorial prepares the job seeker to be successful in follow-up and final interviews. In this session we cover The Top 10 Mistakes Candidates make on subsequent interviews. We also discuss today’s hiring environment and what to expect.

This tutorial teaches how to resign with grace and style preserving integrity and character.

We will also discuss the process of receiving, accepting and negotiating a job offer. The techniques of negotiating that you will learn in this tutorial will guarantee the best possible job offer.

The message is to focus on the process of getting a job rather than the result itself. As we stated in the beginning I know that looking for a job as a very difficult process and everybody approaches a little differently and it always takes an emotional toll. Just remember that everything involved in finding a job is very simple… Very very simple. It just isn’t very easy.

Who this course is for:

  • Any job seeker that has made it past the initial interview
  • Someone interviewing a job that is having a hard time reaching the job offer


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